Tapping into the Supernatural: We want more, Lord. (Sunday, June 30 2019)

Supernatural things should not only happen within the church, but also outside the church. Healing needs to happen outside the church as well. We often make evangelism a number game. We count how many testimonies have we got and how many people got saved. However, the truth is, the goal of evangelism isn’t always getting people saved, but how many people have experienced the love of Jesus through us. How many people have we love? When we do numbers on this, we tend to lose the heart of evangelism. We can’t offer prayers to others without loving that person first. Brothers and sisters, we carry God’s presence wherever we go because His Kingdom is inside of us and never leaves. This is the reality we need to tap into. Our job is not healing and changing the lives of others. Our job is to lay hand on them. The lion of Judah lives within us and we shall not cage Him in. Let us shine the light of God to the world, instead of keeping it within the church. Connect to the source and you shall never be dry, because living water is in you.

Solid Guarantee #6 - God's Promise (Sunday, June 23 2019)

Whose kingdom are we building? This generation is experiencing a drastic drop of compassion to another who are less fortunate, under oppression, and poor. Back in the old days, we have to drive to our friends’ house to console our friend who had just lost his loved one, however nowadays we tend to resort to typing and sending “my condolences”. The lack of personal interactions have made it so easy for us not to care. It is not enough to just “like” and “share” causes to show our support. We became so self centered and we populate our thoughts and hours with things that mostly feed our pleasures. However, Jesus did not die for us to live a comfortable life. There is a call today for all of us to rebuild the wall that the devil so desperately wanting to steal, kill, and destroy. To answer that call, we have to choose purpose over pleasure. Come back to the life of prayers. Prayer gives us perspective that our God is greater than our giants. Prayer gives us peace and forgiveness that we may need to rebuild our city walls. Prayer reminds us of God’s promises. Prayer reveals to us plan and strategy we need to take action towards the ruins in our lives.

Father's Day Mini Concert & Sermon - Edward Chen (Sunday Jun 16 2019)

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads in the house! We would like to use this opportunity to remind all parents, that truly one of the greatest gift we could share to our children is faith. Everyone will have their own valleys and that also includes our children. Therefore, just as David was grateful of God’s rod and staff which comforted him, parents shall not feel bashful about disciplining their children. Discipline is necessary and good as long as we do it not in the midst of anger, but instead in calmness and with love. Let it be known to the children, that your home is the safest place for them to be at. Leave to our children a gift of faith for them to overcome any obstacles they have to face in their own lives.

Solid Guarantee #5 - God's Promise (Sunday, June 09 2019)

A covenant is an agreement between two or more people. In the past, when someone fall short to fulfilling their promise in a covenant, that person should pay with his life. However, when God made a covenant, on Him and His faithfulness to fulfill a promise alone, was the covenant made. Therefore, our relationship doesn’t depend on us holding onto God, but instead depends on God alone. When the covenant took place, God walked alone in the middle of the carcasses and thus as we break promises after promises, God paid the price for those broken promises through Jesus. Today, we are all invited to this relationship that God wants to have with us through Jesus. The responsibilities of making the impossibles happen in our lives do not lie on us, but Jesus alone.

Stand Tall: Unsinkable Ps. Sammy Hartanto (Sunday, June 02 2019)

Intelligent people are those who can manage the tension in their lives and not give up when the growing pains happen. The storms in our lives make us grow and overcoming things with Jesus builds our faith. From our low point of life to our point of breakthrough, we need to make decisions that involves courage and discipline while pushing ourselves away from our excuses and comfort zone. Hold onto The Great I Am, through which we are made able to stand tall, unsinkable.

Solid Guarantee #4 - Call to Maturity (Sunday, May 26 2019)

The difference between a father and a grandfather is that in addition to loving you, a father will also discipline you. That is how our Heavenly Father is towards us as well; He blesses us but also discipline us. One of the most useful gift from our parents is the discipline to let us gradually grow in faith by ourself, so we can stand strong when we face our own problem later in life. Practicing obedience shapes us into the maturity God is calling us towards. The pathway to maturity is not being intelligent, but becoming obedient. As we hear His Words, what action items can we take towards it?

Solid Guarantee #3 (Sunday, May 19 2019)

When we have nothing, we will accept anything. We take something natural to fill supernatural need. When life is difficult and we are in need for comfort, don’t we get tempted to maybe finish that box of cookies or go buy a bottle of alcohol to distraught ourselves from the stress? We settle on “likes” and “affirmation” when we actually look for “love”. Our needs are not the problem. The problem is with what we feel those needs with. Nothing earthly can ever satisfy something spiritual. However, we tend to make Gods out of earthly things that will never satisfy us. We become God making machines; creating Gods everyday as we live. We compromise something that had been promised for something immediate and we expect God’s protections and blessings outside His parameters. We often unwilling to obey but expect God’s goodness nonetheless. We blame God when things are not doing great in our work, studies, or relationship, while in fact we don’t obey what God says regarding each matters. Dear brothers and sisters, God can’t cover what you don’t want to bring under. Tests are not created because our teachers want to fail us. Tests are created to reveal us; the right things and the wrongs. How did Jesus overcame all these temptations? He was led FULL with the Holy Spirit. Today, lets switch our focus from saying “no” to the wrong things. For we win by saying “yes” to the right things. When we are full of the right things, the wrong things lose their appeals.

Preaching by: Ps. Dylan Jones

Solid Guarantee #2 (Sunday, May 12 2019) - Mother's Day

In one way or the other, we are shepherds. If we are serving somebody, leading somebody, parents of children, or even taking care of others around us, we are called the shepherd. Today, God wants to change our perspective of shepherding season. Being shepherd means that we are seen and hand picked by God, therefore we shouldn’t have the misconception that being a shepherd or being in the shepherding season is insignificant. During this season, God is training, equipping, and preparing us for what is ahead of us. He is guiding us so that we would develop the skills and the characters necessary to overcome the battles we have to face. Thus, instead of envying others who are in different seasons of their lives, we should embrace the season we are in and be faithful with the little things God had entrusted to us. In fact, if we feel buried, be encouraged because this means that we are planted! The longer we need to grow our roots, the stronger the tree we will become.

Solid Guarantee #1 - The Most Trustworthy Friend (Sunday, May 5 2019)

Jesus is our most trustworthy friend. The Bible says that whatever we ask to Him in His name, He will ask His Father and we will get it. The Devil likes to lie and try to convince us to go back to our old ways. The Devil tends to use our current circumstances as reasons why we should believe that God doesn’t care about us, God doesn’t hear and answer our prayers, and God had forsaken us. In the case of real friends, doubts may have ruined the relationship, however This Friend had chosen that we are His and He is ours. He is going to stick to His promises to us all the way to the end. He is also a friend who lays out His life for us. He is our friend at all seasons who is more than capable to handle the impossible situations. He is also someone who appoints us and anoints us with the anointing that breaks the yoke. In the name of This Friend of ours, Jesus, we have a solid guarantee.

Breakthrough Ahead - Beyond the Wall (Sunday April 28 2019)

Breakthrough is not just an event. We don’t break a wall to just stay in another wall. As Christians, we pray for breakthrough so we can expand beyond the wall. Breakthrough open doors to other things that we never thought were possible before. It is hard to get breakthrough when we don’t have a vision in our lives and if we don’t know what issues we are facing in our lives. Breakthrough is going to happen when we have made up our mind that we are going to keep pushing until something happens. Therefore today, let us ask God to reveal onto us what breakthrough do we really need? What things are of importance to be dealt with in our lives right now? Allow God to enter into our tomb and resurrect that dead piece of our lives into life.

Breakthrough Ahead - Lord of Breakthroughs (Sunday April 14 2019)

Breakthrough is coming! Victory is here! We heard that many times but sometimes when we are faced with obstacles along the way and we have to wait, we tremble and question whether that breakthrough will truly be ours. This week the Word of God reminds us that oppositions don’t mean God is saying “No”, nor does long waiting mean “never”. In fact, the greater the victory, the greater the fights we need to put up. Witness this: God is fighting our battles as we humbly pray.

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Breakthroughs Ahead: Shortcoming No More! (Sunday, April 7 2019)

We all need the mercy of the Father for us to experience breakthroughs in our life. His mercy put desires in our heart and transforms us from takers into givers. As our desires and interests moved by God, we will also learn to change our mindset regarding who own these things that matter to us. The evidence of God’s blessings will come when we choose to acknowledge that these things that matter to us ultimately belongs to Him. Blessings of God is what makes us rich! Instead of struggling for that breakthrough to come on our own terms and spending time away from God, we are invited to come to Him and ask Him, our generous Father to give us the breakthroughs we need. He is our generous and merciful Father. He will not fail to bless us with what we need.

Preaching by: Ps. Franky Lumingkewas

All Access # 5 (Sunday, Mar 31 2019)

The Message bible version of James 1:5 says "If you don't know what you're doing, pray to the father. He loves to help." Wisdom is worth more than gold. Although many of us can acquire knowledge, not many has the wisdom to apply it. Wisdom sees the big picture. It prioritizes value instead of immediate win. Learn from David; not every opportunity arise is to be taken as is. Let us make decision that leads us to leaving legacy worth living for.

Preaching by: Ching Ming Lie

All Access #4 (Sunday, March 24 2019)

Stress at school and work, stress about finances, emotional traumas, relationship issues, and the weight of the world's expectation are some of the many things that brought us anxiety. These are our valleys, our dark places, and our struggling moments that we all experience in this world. All of these worries are not our burden to carry, instead our burden is to trust God, the One who will carry that burden for us. Listen to the Word of God! Instead of leaning to our own thoughts and listening to what other people say about us, the word of God is the only one that can define us. It will refresh us, restore us, and give us revelations. God gave us access to Him and a permission to leave all our burdens to Him. Let us fill our soul with His Word and let Him take care of our soul.

Preaching by: Joy Holyzia

All Access #3 (Sunday, March 17 2019)

The word REST in the Bible does not have the exact connotation of doing nothing or making complete stop of our lives. This word has a lot to do with our attitude of trusting, being assured and surrendering in the character of our God. Peace is not the absence of trouble, but is the presence of Christ.

Psalm 23:5-6 - You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever. The favor of God will follow us, even when we're in the midst of our enemies. Don’t worry about being half full or half empty, instead declare that “my cup overflows”. Jesus gives us access to His heavenly blessings. Jesus gave us access to rest.

Preaching by: Ps. Irwan Ngadisastra

All Access #2 (Sunday, March 10 2019)

God gave us an advocate to help us in our life but our callous heart often refuse to hear His voice. Hebrew 3 reminded us not to harden our hearts when we hear His voice. Secondly, we should be a witness, especially to our brothers and sisters in Christ. While it’s still “today", we must warn each other, so that none of us has a sinful, unbelieving heart. The Israelites refused to enter the Promised Land because of their unbelief. So, how well do you know your God? Hebrews 10 says, "the just shall live by faith”. Do you believe we are called into His righteousness? Let’s be open and let the Holy Spirit lead our life!

Preaching by: Ps. Franky Lumingkewas

In Him and Through Him We Have All Access (Sunday, March 3, 2019)

We simply cannot redeem ourselves. The law was our guardian until Christ came; it protected us until we could be made right with God through faith. And now that the way of faith has come, we no longer need the law as our guardian. For the law was GIVEN through Moses; grace and truth CAME THROUGH Jesus Christ. God did not send another servant to die for us. God GAVE HIS SON to be the final payment for our redemption. We have access through Jesus. He gave us access to salvation, to our heavenly calling, and to our heavenly blessings. In Jesus and through Jesus alone, earth kingdom was meant for heavenly kingdom, earthly intelligence was transformed to heavenly mindset, earthly priesthood was replaced by heavenly priesthood (Jesus), earthly religion was torn down to make way for Heavenly relationship, and earthly law to abide, now replaced by Heavenly grace to rest.

Preaching by: Ps. Irwan Ngadisastra

Power Praise (Sunday Feb 24, 2019)

Often times Church services begin with the singing of praises and worship, that people might have a misconception that singing praises is a prelude of a sermon-a part of Church habits or programs. Today, we are reminded that it is not true. In fact, worship and the singing of praises is as important as the sermon itself. Praises is our declaration of the characters of God. It is a form of adoration that should come from our inside. We sing our worship songs while believing those character of God we declare through the songs. As we lift our praises, we will start to witness God’s power go down and those characters of God we declare shall be manifested in our circumstances. Therefore, let us all come forth and sing to the Lord new songs! His presence inhabits the praises of His people and truly, the praises we lift has the power to open up all the prison doors in our lives and furthermore, has the power to bring salvation upon others around us who listen.

Preaching by: Ps. Irwan Ngadisastra