Breakthroughs Ahead: Shortcoming No More! (Sunday, April 7 2019)

We all need the mercy of the Father for us to experience breakthroughs in our life. His mercy put desires in our heart and transforms us from takers into givers. As our desires and interests moved by God, we will also learn to change our mindset regarding who own these things that matter to us. The evidence of God’s blessings will come when we choose to acknowledge that these things that matter to us ultimately belongs to Him. Blessings of God is what makes us rich! Instead of struggling for that breakthrough to come on our own terms and spending time away from God, we are invited to come to Him and ask Him, our generous Father to give us the breakthroughs we need. He is our generous and merciful Father. He will not fail to bless us with what we need.

Preaching by: Ps. Franky Lumingkewas

All Access # 5 (Sunday, Mar 31 2019)

The Message bible version of James 1:5 says "If you don't know what you're doing, pray to the father. He loves to help." Wisdom is worth more than gold. Although many of us can acquire knowledge, not many has the wisdom to apply it. Wisdom sees the big picture. It prioritizes value instead of immediate win. Learn from David; not every opportunity arise is to be taken as is. Let us make decision that leads us to leaving legacy worth living for.

Preaching by: Ching Ming Lie

All Access #4 (Sunday, March 24 2019)

Stress at school and work, stress about finances, emotional traumas, relationship issues, and the weight of the world's expectation are some of the many things that brought us anxiety. These are our valleys, our dark places, and our struggling moments that we all experience in this world. All of these worries are not our burden to carry, instead our burden is to trust God, the One who will carry that burden for us. Listen to the Word of God! Instead of leaning to our own thoughts and listening to what other people say about us, the word of God is the only one that can define us. It will refresh us, restore us, and give us revelations. God gave us access to Him and a permission to leave all our burdens to Him. Let us fill our soul with His Word and let Him take care of our soul.

Preaching by: Joy Holyzia

All Access #3 (Sunday, March 17 2019)

The word REST in the Bible does not have the exact connotation of doing nothing or making complete stop of our lives. This word has a lot to do with our attitude of trusting, being assured and surrendering in the character of our God. Peace is not the absence of trouble, but is the presence of Christ.

Psalm 23:5-6 - You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever. The favor of God will follow us, even when we're in the midst of our enemies. Don’t worry about being half full or half empty, instead declare that “my cup overflows”. Jesus gives us access to His heavenly blessings. Jesus gave us access to rest.

Preaching by: Ps. Irwan Ngadisastra

All Access #2 (Sunday, March 10 2019)

God gave us an advocate to help us in our life but our callous heart often refuse to hear His voice. Hebrew 3 reminded us not to harden our hearts when we hear His voice. Secondly, we should be a witness, especially to our brothers and sisters in Christ. While it’s still “today", we must warn each other, so that none of us has a sinful, unbelieving heart. The Israelites refused to enter the Promised Land because of their unbelief. So, how well do you know your God? Hebrews 10 says, "the just shall live by faith”. Do you believe we are called into His righteousness? Let’s be open and let the Holy Spirit lead our life!

Preaching by: Ps. Franky Lumingkewas

In Him and Through Him We Have All Access (Sunday, March 3, 2019)

We simply cannot redeem ourselves. The law was our guardian until Christ came; it protected us until we could be made right with God through faith. And now that the way of faith has come, we no longer need the law as our guardian. For the law was GIVEN through Moses; grace and truth CAME THROUGH Jesus Christ. God did not send another servant to die for us. God GAVE HIS SON to be the final payment for our redemption. We have access through Jesus. He gave us access to salvation, to our heavenly calling, and to our heavenly blessings. In Jesus and through Jesus alone, earth kingdom was meant for heavenly kingdom, earthly intelligence was transformed to heavenly mindset, earthly priesthood was replaced by heavenly priesthood (Jesus), earthly religion was torn down to make way for Heavenly relationship, and earthly law to abide, now replaced by Heavenly grace to rest.

Preaching by: Ps. Irwan Ngadisastra

Power Praise (Sunday Feb 24, 2019)

Often times Church services begin with the singing of praises and worship, that people might have a misconception that singing praises is a prelude of a sermon-a part of Church habits or programs. Today, we are reminded that it is not true. In fact, worship and the singing of praises is as important as the sermon itself. Praises is our declaration of the characters of God. It is a form of adoration that should come from our inside. We sing our worship songs while believing those character of God we declare through the songs. As we lift our praises, we will start to witness God’s power go down and those characters of God we declare shall be manifested in our circumstances. Therefore, let us all come forth and sing to the Lord new songs! His presence inhabits the praises of His people and truly, the praises we lift has the power to open up all the prison doors in our lives and furthermore, has the power to bring salvation upon others around us who listen.

Preaching by: Ps. Irwan Ngadisastra

His Love Changes Our Destiny (Sunday Feb 17, 2019)

Ever since the fall, God has been pursuing us and calling us home. However, most often than not, we are stubborn and we ignore His calls. Therefore, Jesus who had been there since the beginning of the creation, decided to come to be with us; to show us how much God loves and shepherd us back home. He who was perfect, decided to be like us, who are not perfect, so that through being like us, He could be our high priest and offer Himself as a sacrifice for our sins once and for all. Through dying on the cross, He rendered death powerless and claim us, His children free. In Him, our life is renewed; we should no longer fear of death, instead we are enabled to live in true freedom! God’s love for us has never changed regardless the countless times we fall. He is always interested in us and the things we do. What bothers us, ultimately bothers Him. This is the heart of the Father. He is calling. He is searching. He is waiting. Come home. The Father cares for you and He wants to takes care of your life. You matters to Him.

Preaching by: Ricky Gunawan

Job - The Man Who Heard (Sunday Feb 3, 2019)

We might have heard from others about God or have the knowledge of God to certain degree from things we have read. However, these would never sum up to truly knowing Him by seeking earnestly and experiencing Him personally. When lives get hard, we often turn to our friends who might speak a lot about who God is. However instead of drawing us closer to God, they might point out to us the things we do and do not do, which they believe have led us to our hardships. These are not Godly counsel! Today we are encouraged to discern to God, who is speaking to us and have the ultimate answers to anything we are facing at this moment. The scriptures are the breathing and living word of God, Holy Spirit is our guide to the Truth we seek, and our community is a way for us to stir our heart for love and good works. Let us stop living by the rumors of God. Instead, choose to have it first hand from our own eyes and ears.

Preaching by: Ps. Irwan Ngadisastra

The Messy Middle (Sunday Jan 27, 2019)

When we are in “the messy middle” season of our lives, God speaks. He speaks when we are out of our comfort zone, when we are in our midst of confusion, and during the period of chaos and crisis. We are all encouraged to learn from David, who got out of his comfort zone as God called him to be a king. Just as David found true intimacy with God when he find quietness in his chaotic time, we too are called to do the same. Only then, we are able to conquer our addictions and our chaos. Only then, God can chip the gold out of our lives.

Preaching by: Joy Holyzia

IFGF Vision 2019 (Sunday Jan 20, 2019)

“Big church, small community.” This is our vision for 2019. As our church continues to grow in numbers, we want people to be rooted in small communities. The Bible tells us that men are not meant to live alone. God intends for us to be part of a Godly community—a good community only makes us feel good, but a Godly community brings out the goodness in God. Hence, Caregroup is the key. When Caregroup functions and grows, we as a church can impact individuals, impacts communities, and ultimately impacts nation.

Preaching by: Ps. Irwan Ngadisastra

By His Son… He Speaks (Sunday Jan 13, 2019)

We heard people speak, but they might not be speaking to us; God wants to speak specifically to us as He has a great plan for you and me. When God speaks to us, it requires a very different level of understanding—a mindset for the Kingdom of God; we have to constantly THINK with His words and refer back to the Truth, not our words nor the words of this world.

Let’s not get caught up to the words of this world and chase the shadow of the false gods. As when we listen to our Father, we experienced the greatest love, healing and salvation. It could set us free.

Preaching by: Ps. Franky Lumingkewas

The Gift (Sunday Jan 6, 2019)

“Fasting is not about not eating, it is about staying humble, relationship building with God and surrendering.”

Humility is about security and confidence. It lies in the middle between being too prideful and too insecure. Being humble means we are depending and relying on God, a secured and confident being even though we acknowledge our own limit. We build relationship with God as the servant of Him. We have absolute free will, but we choose to serve genuinely out of God’s goodness, showcasing to others how good our God is! We surrender to our God. It is not about being perfect, nor right, nor becoming like someone else, nor meeting other people’s expectation. If we are perfect, people will not see God, they only see us. Let God works within all of us today!  An effort to change by ourselves results in frustration, but a surrender to God stirs a real change.

Preaching by: Ps Raymond Njotorahardjo

The Hope (Sunday Dec 30, 2018)

Hope brings vision of what are to come in our lives, but it will only bear fruits if we put actions towards fulfilling it. In between the present and the future that we hope for, there is a void, a moment of silence that we as humans often can not bear with. What are we going to fill those void with? Are we going to fill the void with something that is destructive or something that is building? Today we are reminded to not fall for the temptation of instant gratifications which we will later regret. Instead, we have to be persistent in making steps towards God’s promises in our lives, although our situation may be less than ideal or uncomfortable. God is creating a masterpiece in our lives.

Preaching by: Ching Ming Lie

The Promise (Sunday Dec 23, 2018)

Jesus is the fulfillment of all God’s promises in our lives. The breakthrough and answers to life questions we so desperately need are all in Jesus. God is working with the broken and dislocated pieces of our lives and He is making them fit together to bring goodness in our lives. God has a purpose for every season. Our short-sighted eyes as humans are too limited to see what is it in this season that God has for our lives. Therefore, we need to draw ourselves to God and gain His perspective to our current situations. As we choose to walk daily with Him, we are equipped with His heavenly wisdom and knowledge to face our problems and find the purpose behind our seasons. Along with these, His peace will reside in our heart, enabling us to do what we need to do. Today, let us turn all shape our worries into prayers and receive His gift of peace in our heart.

Preaching by: Ps Raymond Njotorahardjo