The Gift (Sunday Jan 6, 2019)

“Fasting is not about not eating, it is about staying humble, relationship building with God and surrendering.”

Humility is about security and confidence. It lies in the middle between being too prideful and too insecure. Being humble means we are depending and relying on God, a secured and confident being even though we acknowledge our own limit. We build relationship with God as the servant of Him. We have absolute free will, but we choose to serve genuinely out of God’s goodness, showcasing to others how good our God is! We surrender to our God. It is not about being perfect, nor right, nor becoming like someone else, nor meeting other people’s expectation. If we are perfect, people will not see God, they only see us. Let God works within all of us today!  An effort to change by ourselves results in frustration, but a surrender to God stirs a real change.

Preaching by: Ps Raymond Njotorahardjo