The Greatest Gift (Sunday Dec 2, 2018)

God created the first family on the foundation of respect, courtesy, humility, togetherness, and with no shame. In the same way, He established relationship with trust and choice. However, our society deals with a lot of problems and often times they all trace back to families. It is evident that ever since the first fall, family too fall apart. We start playing blaming game the way Adam and Eve did when they first sinned. However, just as sin came to the world through one man (Adam), we all have been delivered from sin through One Man (Jesus). Today there is an invitation for us all to invite Jesus to our family. He is the greatest gift that God has freely given to us. This gift is available for us to receive by confessing through our mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in our heart that Jesus has risen from the death.

Preaching by: Ps Irwan Ngadisastra