The Promise (Sunday Dec 23, 2018)

Jesus is the fulfillment of all God’s promises in our lives. The breakthrough and answers to life questions we so desperately need are all in Jesus. God is working with the broken and dislocated pieces of our lives and He is making them fit together to bring goodness in our lives. God has a purpose for every season. Our short-sighted eyes as humans are too limited to see what is it in this season that God has for our lives. Therefore, we need to draw ourselves to God and gain His perspective to our current situations. As we choose to walk daily with Him, we are equipped with His heavenly wisdom and knowledge to face our problems and find the purpose behind our seasons. Along with these, His peace will reside in our heart, enabling us to do what we need to do. Today, let us turn all shape our worries into prayers and receive His gift of peace in our heart.

Preaching by: Ps Raymond Njotorahardjo