The Prophecy (Sunday Dec 9, 2018)

God has a promise for all of us. This promise is a gift, a prophecy, a divine message given to us about our lives. As we do lives, we face challenges that are hard for us to comprehend and situations that are just too impossible to handle. We want things to go according to our will, but most often than not, they don’t happen as we plan it. However, this is not the end for us. When we come to realize and recognize that as humans our eyes and mind are limited, we will start to see the power of God kicking in. We are to learn to trust God completely with the outcome, despite what we sees. This way He can bring us to go through the impossibles through His will and bring forth our stories. Today we are invited to listen to what God had prophesied over our lives, say yes to His will, and take the necessary risks for our new stories to be told. In the end, with time, we will be able to look back and praise God of the wonderful things He had done for us.

Preaching by: Ps Franky Lumingkewas