Job - The Man Who Heard (Sunday Feb 3, 2019)

We might have heard from others about God or have the knowledge of God to certain degree from things we have read. However, these would never sum up to truly knowing Him by seeking earnestly and experiencing Him personally. When lives get hard, we often turn to our friends who might speak a lot about who God is. However instead of drawing us closer to God, they might point out to us the things we do and do not do, which they believe have led us to our hardships. These are not Godly counsel! Today we are encouraged to discern to God, who is speaking to us and have the ultimate answers to anything we are facing at this moment. The scriptures are the breathing and living word of God, Holy Spirit is our guide to the Truth we seek, and our community is a way for us to stir our heart for love and good works. Let us stop living by the rumors of God. Instead, choose to have it first hand from our own eyes and ears.

Preaching by: Ps. Irwan Ngadisastra