His Love Changes Our Destiny (Sunday Feb 17, 2019)

Ever since the fall, God has been pursuing us and calling us home. However, most often than not, we are stubborn and we ignore His calls. Therefore, Jesus who had been there since the beginning of the creation, decided to come to be with us; to show us how much God loves and shepherd us back home. He who was perfect, decided to be like us, who are not perfect, so that through being like us, He could be our high priest and offer Himself as a sacrifice for our sins once and for all. Through dying on the cross, He rendered death powerless and claim us, His children free. In Him, our life is renewed; we should no longer fear of death, instead we are enabled to live in true freedom! God’s love for us has never changed regardless the countless times we fall. He is always interested in us and the things we do. What bothers us, ultimately bothers Him. This is the heart of the Father. He is calling. He is searching. He is waiting. Come home. The Father cares for you and He wants to takes care of your life. You matters to Him.

Preaching by: Ricky Gunawan