Power Praise (Sunday Feb 24, 2019)

Often times Church services begin with the singing of praises and worship, that people might have a misconception that singing praises is a prelude of a sermon-a part of Church habits or programs. Today, we are reminded that it is not true. In fact, worship and the singing of praises is as important as the sermon itself. Praises is our declaration of the characters of God. It is a form of adoration that should come from our inside. We sing our worship songs while believing those character of God we declare through the songs. As we lift our praises, we will start to witness God’s power go down and those characters of God we declare shall be manifested in our circumstances. Therefore, let us all come forth and sing to the Lord new songs! His presence inhabits the praises of His people and truly, the praises we lift has the power to open up all the prison doors in our lives and furthermore, has the power to bring salvation upon others around us who listen.

Preaching by: Ps. Irwan Ngadisastra