The Formula of the Greatest Love

I have been trying to prove myself in life. “You can always work a bit harder to achieve more.” My parents taught me; “Don’t be too comfortable in where you are today or you will never grow.”

Obedient and a first born, I thrived to become a high achiever in academy, in career, in my hobby and even at church. Frankly, in the beginning, it felt good. But like a fire lighting from a match, the fuel will be burnt out one day. Gradually, I lived a stressful life that is constantly haunted by the feeling of “not doing good enough”, the haunted voice pierced through many moments of my life, pushing me to “just do a little more”. Little by little, I found myself piled up with duties and works to do, yet came home tired and unsatisfied.

Ghastly how the voices of others and ourselves can do to us. In the Bible, Martha was so distracted and frustrated by “the preparation that had to be made” to welcome her guest--Jesus (Luke 10:38-42 NIV). My question is, who told Martha that such preparation “had to be made”? Is it a society’s expectation of how we welcome a guest? Or is it Martha who is trying to make an effort to present the best and look good in front of her guest?  Clearly it is anyone but Jesus, because what Jesus told Martha is that she is worried about many things and only one thing is needed, which is to sit at the Lord’s feet and listen to Him.

While some of us like me or Martha have been working hard to prove ourselves, God is constantly speaking into our life, that we are truly His child, hence He loves us unconditionally despite our flaws and imperfectness. I came to realize, instead of using my energy and effort to polish my flaw (which is clearly impossible), if I only yield and listen, I would have found peace and rest in God. To respond to God’s unconditional love, we serve, we worship, we pray. Even more powerfully—we surrender to the One True King.

Written by: Jasmine Chau